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  •   Go see Thomas Steed! IMR is the go-to for sports and injury massages. I've been a customer for almost 2 years now and would not go anywhere else. I highly recommend trying the cupping therapy for tight muscle groups, especially if you are active in sports or exercising. A++!!

    thumb Timothy P.
  •   Best massage I have ever had.  Requested an appointment with Cassandra based off of the Yelp reviews and the IMR website.  Being a big guy it is hard to find a person that can work my shoulders and back.  I am 6ft4 350 lbs and Cassandra worked every knot out of my entire back and worked the stress out of my neck and shoulders.  I have never been so relaxed after a massage.

    thumb Andy S.
  •   LISTEN. I made a yelp account JUST TO MAKE A FIVE STAR REVIEW. Ok so I have never had a professional massage before and I went to get one today and though "hm okay just a massage" BUT NO. I was shocked. This was a million times better than I thought and Aaron treated me with great customer service and the massage was amazing and over TEN YEARS of shoulder pain was GONE. I thank everyone that works here and Aaron and the receptionist and if I could give everyone that works there a tip, I would. Thank you for giving me literally the best massage ever.

    thumb Annica S.
  •   If it weren't for babes, I wouldn't be so into massages like I am nowadays. And it's funny because my career requires a lot of standing and moving and lifting, so I'm surprised I wasn't into massages sooner!

    The start of our relationship a few years ago began the adventure of finding the best massage places, not only in Vegas, but in other states as well. We have come to the current conclusion that IMR Massage has reached the top of our list and might I say, our list of massage experiences is pretty long.

    It all started when babes and I became long distance and I was having a pretty rough week/time without him. We knew about IMR previously because they are known for their cupping therapy and he always wanted to try them out. He, so lovingly, scheduled a massage for me over the phone with them. He emphasized my lower back having issues and was able to pay everything on the phone! *thank you babes :-)* And that day of my scheduled massage, I became a believer.

    Every place I've gone to I explain that my lower back is the source of all my pain, and yet no one ever focuses on that area. Cassandra on the other hand, began my massage at the lower back, and did an extremely amazing job at focusing on my problem areas and spending time there. She made me believe massage therapists actually listen to your needs! So thank you, Cassandra, I applaud you!

    Flash forward to babes coming home for break. He had a lower back injury and wanted to get a massage. Of course, I suggested IMR. We finally got to get him to go for deep tissue and he also ended up finally trying cupping. Roxanne had done his deep tissue & cupping session, and he absolutely loved it! So thank you, Roxanne for helping him feel much better! This day, I had Matt for my full body massage. He also did a very good job on getting my lower back. I'm starting to think people really do want to help you here.

    Because of our amazing experiences, we came back together for a second time, my third time, and again with his deep tissue massage with Roxanne and my therapeutic massage with Chris. Chris was also very good at focusing mainly on the areas I told him about, and I appreciate that! He was also very knowledgeable when I asked him questions afterwards.

    So after 100% satisfaction with every massage, we've decided to become members! Definitely and highly recommend this place to everyone. They cater to your needs and are very unique in every way. 🙂

    Ps, the receptionists have all been so friendly and so helpful with every phone call and interaction I've had with them. Scheduling with them is super easy!

    thumb Geselle R.
  •   I had crippling neck pain and managed to get a morning appt with Aaron Hernandez. Wonderful massage, ambiance and the place was clean. Will return if I'm in Vegas!

    thumb Desirée M.