This Thanksgiving, “Pass the Honey”

Pass The Honey   This household item can be used for more than just a sweetener. Check out these other ways honey is beneficial  in your everyday diet: Energy Source: Honey contains 64 calories per tablespoon. The sugars in honey are easily converted to glucose by even the more sensitive stomachs. It also contains vitamins B1, B2, C, B6, B5 and B3. Try a … Read More

How much do you stretch?

Proper Stretching Techniques   Are you stretching before AND after you participate in a physical activity? Most people neglect to stretch afterwords because they are too exhausted to do anything else. Or are you one who rushes through stretching to get it over with? Flexibility- The main reason we stretch is to improve our flexibility. Flexibility is  range of motion available to our joints.  Why is flexibly important? It … Read More