Educating the General Public about Massage Therapy Pt 1

The Truth about Massage Therapists

As a professional massage therapist for over 6 years I have heard many misconceptions, rumors, and false theories about massage and the massage industry. Massage has always been placed in the “sex” category and is often put in the same section online and in print with escort services. I can’t even count how many times people have either jokingly or seriously asked me if I give happy endings. Although many people think they might be funny. I for one am not laughing. I myself, and other licensed massage professionals take our careers seriously. Are there “massage therapists” out there who do give happy endings and sleep with their clients for extra money, yes. If that is what you are looking for there are plenty of choices in china town for a massage therapist to “love you long time”.

Massage therapists are licensed health care providers. We go to an accredited college or technical school for our training where we study anatomy, physiology, pathology, massage modalities, clinical treatments, business ethics, and how to care for our bodies so that we can have a long lasting career. Massage training takes anywhere from 750-1200 hours to complete depending on which state we want to practice in.

Upon graduating from the massage therapy program we must than take a national certification test which is administered by the NCBTMB. (The NCBTMB regulates the massage industry and keeps standards at their highest in our profession).  The national certification exam is made to test the knowledge of the applicant and covers all areas taught in the therapists training including Chinese Medicine.

After passing the examination and receiving a certificate we may than apply for a state license. Each state has different requirement to become a licensed massage therapist in that state. All applicants must also pass a detailed criminal background check. When we receive our license in the mail, then and only then may we practice massage in that state.

All states require massage therapists to renew their state license every year.We must also submit 12 hours of continuing education hours which must be completed by taking online or live classes.

Most massage therapists are, and should be insured through a professional organization. Therapists should have liability insurance that covers them up to 3 million dollars or more.

The next time you go to book yourself a massage ask your massage therapist if they are state licensed, don’t be afraid to ask to see it if it is not posted. If something doesn’t feel right then it probably isn’t. If they are not state licensed or can’t produce a license to show you, GO SOMEWHERE ELSE. Any licensed massage therapist can be verified by going to the states massage therapy website.

Booking with a state licensed and insured massage therapist is the best way to protect yourself and get the best treatment possible.






Elliott Reed, LMT, MMP

State of Nevada Licensed Massage Therapist and owner of IMR, LLC


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