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There are many types of massages that we offer here at IMR massage. However, if you are one of those hard working people with very little free time, we have just the massage for you! Chair massages are shorter, yet effective massages that can range from 15 minutes all the way to one hour! Here at IMR Massage we have integrated ergonomic designed chairs for maximum comfort and almost instant relief.

The main difference between normal massages and chair massages is that they typically focus on three main areas: the neck, the back, and the shoulders. Releasing tension in these areas is key to living a healthier lifestyle and relieving stress. Research as also proven that chair massages can alleviate pain in addition to stimulating the mind, and expanding on your creativity through stress relieving remedies. It can even help boost moral in the work place!

The main goal of specialized chair massages is to leave you feeling more rejuvenated than ever to carry on with your day in the most positive manner possible.

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