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How to Schedule Enough Time for Your Massage

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60 minutes, 90 minutes or 120 minutes… How do you choose the right amount of time? 

60 minutes: This is the most popular length of time clients choose when booking a massage. In a 60 minute session your therapist can give you a general full body relaxation massage, or detailed focus work on your upper/lower body. If you have many different issues and areas you need addressed, and would also like a full body massage, 60 minutes typically isn’t enough time. If you have a large build, or very thick/tight muscles we recommend booking at least 90 minutes.

90 minutes: 30 more minutes makes a big difference! In a 90 minute massage your therapist has more time to effectively warm up the tissue and focus on even more of your aches and pains. Example; If you come in with neck, shoulder, lower back, and arm pain- 90 minutes should be enough time to work out those areas, and still do a full body massage. For an even more effective massage, we recommend adding on cupping therapy or hot stones to your service.

120 minutes: This is the ultimate massage! In a 120 minute massage your therapist has the maximum amount of time to perform a very detailed full body massage. Choose this amount time if you are coming in with many different problem areas, have a large body frame, or just feel like 60 or 90 minutes is never enough time for you. Once you experience a 120 minute, you’ll never go back to less time! Add-on cupping therapy, hot stones, or a foot scrub to enhance this service.

If you are still not sure how much time to schedule, give us a call! We will be happy to assist. 



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