Massage Services

Deep Tissue: Focuses on the deeper layer of muscles and fascia. Your massage therapist can adjust the pressure to your preference.


Sports Stretching: Intense stretching used for pre/post strenuous activity; used to prevent injury, increase range of motion and flexibility.


CBD Massage:  This massage uses a CBD infused product that helps with inflammation, pain, and anxiety. For more information visit our blog or click the link above.



Medical Massage: Used for car accident and other serious injuries after medical doctor’s approval. Also used for chronic pain from prior injuries.



Cupping TherapyTreatment where the practitioner creates suction in a cup and draws the skin up around and under the cup. The negative pressure created by the suction cup brings out the toxins and lactic acid in the muscles and tissue. This technique is usually integrated with deep tissue. Check out our blog for more details about this technique.  Click here to learn more about Cupping Therapy!


Cellulite Treatment: Suction cups are used to create negative pressure on the tissue. The negative pressure pulls stagnation, toxins, and lactic acid out of the underlying tissue and brings it to skin level. Cupping therapy boosts collagen which minimizes the appearance of cellulite. Many clients see positive results in as little as one session.


Hot Stone Massage: Hot stones are used during a traditional therapeutic massage to melt away tension and create deep relaxation.

Facial Rejuvenation: This treatment uses small glass cups to lift the facial tissue boosting collagen and minimizing the appearance of  lines and wrinkles.


Kinesiology Tape:  This is a sticky waterproof adhesive that helps increase circulation, and supports joint and muscle movement.





All therapeutic massages:

    • Performed on a heated massage table with luxury sheets.
    • Customized to YOUR needs.
    • Performed by an experienced state licensed massage therapist.

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