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  •   Probably one of the best massages I've had. I got a gift card as a birthday gift so when I called to make the appointment I didn't know anything about this place at all. I have 6 herniated discs, I get a lot of pressure points and have sciatica issues from time to time. I also bartend, serve and go hiking and workout a lot. When I called I asked for someone that could do deep tissue or sports massage so that it could actually be helpful to my conditions and not so much a relaxing massage. I was recommended to have Roxanne be my therapist so I did.

    I came in a few mins early to fill out paperwork, and was on the bed on time which I appreciated so I could get my full allotted time.  Roxanne came in; asked a few questions, figured out that I was in pain and what I needed and got right to it. Pressure was hard, but perfect, and it didn't diminish towards the end like some therapist as they get tired. I have high pain threshold so I notice weak pressure right away, she was constant throughout the massage. She stretched me as well and focused on my problem points. It was so healthy painful I was laughing with pain. The next day when I woke up I was so sore, but so relieved, my back wasn't tight, my right leg wasn't hurting, I didn't feel tired or weak, I felt like I worked out and was just better altogether. I can't wait for my next massage! It's affordable too; no crazy prices. My $100 gift card covered my massage and tip.

    thumb Lola A.
  •   Hands down the best masseuse in town. No matter how far I move I will always come to this side of town just to have my massage done by any of the wonderful staff. They are very friendly & welcoming. I have to say the owner, Elliott is a sweetheart & kind. I would highly recommend this place!

    thumb Donna C.
  •   Go see Thomas Steed! IMR is the go-to for sports and injury massages. I've been a customer for almost 2 years now and would not go anywhere else. I highly recommend trying the cupping therapy for tight muscle groups, especially if you are active in sports or exercising. A++!!

    thumb Timothy P.
  •   This place was referred to me by a friend and I am SO SO GRATEFUL to have found you guys. I got a bad case of runners knee which left my knee completely swollen and difficult to walk on. From the moment I contacted the owner on yelp to the time my massage was finished everyone was so extremely helpful and kind to me. I thoroughly explained everything that occurred and exactly what had happened with my knee and they contacted me immediately to set up an appt and gave me the best therapist to handle the situation, who also researched my dx prior to me getting the massage! My recovery has been so amazing since I left and now I am able to bend my knee and walk on my leg. I am going to be a regular at this place. God bless you Cassandra & thank you all for your love and care!!

    thumb Rachel P.
  •   Scheduling was quick and easy and Crystal did a spectacular job on a 90 minute deep tissue massage.

    thumb Nick C.