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  •   Best thing I've done for myself in a long time! Beautiful rooms and my massage therapist Kyrie was ¬†absolutely amazing! I highly highly recommend.

    thumb Robyn D.
  •   For the longest time, I heard about IMR Massage from my best friend Doris and another friend Amy saying its one of the best massages they've had.

    After months/years of hearing it from Doris (sounds like a trend nowadays), I finally was able to get myself out of bed and get to an appointment. Took long enough that another good friend of mine, Julie AND my mother whom i had gifted as her b-day present had went before I had finally went myself. I had troubles getting an appointment because it was always a spur of the moment. Typically after a few days of working and sitting in stools all day, trying to make an appointment day before, or trying my hand of luck to see if there's an opening soon. hehe...?

    Doris had raved about Elliott for the longest time but I waited so long, that he retired and no longer performs massages himself anymore. For the last few months, she had mentioned Cassandra was the next closest to Elliott's style so that is who i've been keeping an eye on for appointments

    Arriving a few minutes prior to my appointment, I was led inside by the receptionist into the Zen Room. Very nice, dimly lit ambiance with relaxing music, scented mist/humidifier with two comfy lounge chairs for you to lay in while waiting for your masseuse. I had booked a Therapeutic Massage at 12:45 with Cassandra for 60 minutes.

    Cassandra was SUPER on time and appeared exactly at 12:45pm. After introducing herself and led to the room, she had briefly asked what areas would I liked to be worked on, if there were any that had constant pain, or maybe just a generalized full body massage. Since I haven't had a massage by a professional masseuse in YEARS, i couldn't really decide. Lol. She left briefly for you to undress and store in an ottoman, and lay in the bed. As a first massage, it was decided for a full body massage. The bed gave me a mild surprise. It was the first bed i've laid in that was heated. Almost had that eerie "just used" heat but i figured it was a heated bed. LOL. Originally it felt quite warm, but I guess i got used to it. Maybe next time ill ask her to up it a little later in the massage.

    The first song that was playing was an instrumental version of Beauty and the Beast. I had joked with Cassandra saying no wonder Doris liked you so much, first song i hear is Beauty and the Beast ! Then she said Doris listens to 80s pop instead. You can customize the music to your liking as they have pandora. Taeyeon radio? jk jk Relaxing music was relaxing and comforting

    She started to focus on my right shoulder, where I had known to have a huge knot that's never been relieved (i've never went to a masseuse routinely, only once every few years LOL) Besides the times she focused on the knots in areas i knew there were knots and areas where i never knew I had knots, it was a relaxing massage. She worked on the right shoulder, then to left shoulder, then left buttock/leg, and right buttock/leg, periodically jumping to lower back between areas.

    Maybe half way through to 2/3's way through, she laid a HOT towel over the length of my back, then used something that left a very refreshing and minty feeling. That was really nice ! XD

    Cassandra's voice was so soft and sweet, when she told me to scoot down and flip over on my back the first time, i was like... huh? wait did she say something? Ooops ! She places another hot towel at the base of your head and neck when you lay on your back, which later leads to the last part of the massage after she works on the legs and arms again.

    The massage on the shoulders and neck at the end was amazing and relaxing. If only that could've been another 60 minutes of just that, I'd be asleep and snorin away !

    The massage finished at about 01:45ish (after i turned around after putting clothes back on) so its mildly short of 60 minutes.

    Cassandra gave an amazing experience. Very relaxing swedish style but slowly concentrated on knots with deep tissue massage.

    I can't wait to return for another massage again ! Highly recommended ! ! My wallet would cry if I went too often though but I am lucky enough to be gifted massages. So at least it won't hurt, yet ! Well i guess the only thing hurting right now is the muscles that Cassandra poked on

    thumb Andrew C.
  •   My boyfriend offered to treat me to a massage for Mother's Day and I'd really been wanting to try out IMR as I've heard great things from some friends! The receptionist Arika was extremely helpful when helping me book & chose what massage would be best for me! I ended up choosing a hot stone massage and added CBD to the massage! When I arrived Arika helped me chose which CBD oil I would like for my massage. She explained the purpose of each one and I ended up going with the lavender for stress and anxiety. My masseuse was Matt Navarrette and he was awesome! He greeted me with a warm and friendly smile and asked me if there were any areas I wanted him to focus on. The massage was amazing and the pressure was perfect. I fell in love with the hot stones and the CBD was so relaxing. I went home and took the longest nap ever haha! It was a perfect Mother's Day! Thanks Arika and Matt for your excellent service!

    thumb Alexandria M.
  •   I have had massages at several locations in LV, and admit todays massage was the best. Matt was my masseur very professional and listened to my issue he did a terrific massage; unknotted my back and neck, the hour flew by.
    What a very clean, tidy, stunning and beautifully presented business and rooms. Def my new massage place to go. 100%

    thumb Nicole B.
  •   You will love this place. Take your body for a treat. I had the worst pain in my right bicep muscle which was limiting my yoga exercises. Thought I could just power thru it until I met Monique. The place was immaculately clean with a friendly staff that started off my experience on a high note. After a 90 min medical massage I walked out like a new man. Don't make excuses not to go but book an app. and you can thank he later. Thank you again Elliot

    thumb Marvin S.