Bikram Yoga Seven Day Challenge

With only trying Bikram Yoga (or “hot yoga”) only once, I did the “Seven Day Bikram Challange” and want to share with you all the positive effects that I experienced during this experiment. Then you can decide for yourself:

DAY ONE: I started after a full Labor Day weekend of drinking from sundown to sunrise.  I knew a detox was just what my body needed!  Driving to my first class, my stomach churns thinking of the 105+ degree 40% humidity stinky Bikram room.  SEVEN DAYS!!!  Its not that long.  I enter the Green Valley Bikram studio and pay my $20 first week entry and find a space way in the back right next to the door. The instructor begins class and 28 poses and 90 minutes later…….On the ride home I actually thought to myself “damn, I feel pretty good”

DAY TWO: I wake up in pain and my body aches.  I had stretched muscles in my body I never knew existed!  During class I realized that I never knew my body could stretch certain ways!  This Bikram class was turing out to be the longest, most painful 90 minutes of my life!  Not to mention hotter than hell!

DAY THREE: After almost taking the day off, I found the energy to talk myself into going back.  I think my instructor this day was known as the “Bikram Nazi” and keeping the room scorching hot! No fans & no fresh air from the open door.  Although not as painful as day two, day three by far was the hottest!

DAY FOUR: Wow!  This class is the easiest so far!  Time is flying by!   Bikram Nazi was not teaching this class, WHEW! 🙂

DAY FIVE: These Bikram classes are getting much easier.  Feeling my muscles lengthening more and the range of motion in my elbows and ankles.

DAY SIX: Almost there! I can do it!  PUSH!  Stay positive and don’t give up!  Feeling like the little engine that could and really enjoying the class!

DAY SEVEN: I MADE IT!  Laying in the final Bikram pose at the end of class, I smiled to myself.  I did it!  seven days in a row of Bikram Yoga.  I had compleated my “Seven Day Bikram Challange”.  I AM THE MAN!  I noticed I could breath easier, I could fall asleep faster and slept deeper and more comfortable.  My waistline seemed smaller and my abs were more defined and cut.

Overall, I’m so excited that I did it and made it through the “seven day challenge”.  I feel that doing seven days of Bikram Yoga in a row really gave me a valid opinion and  idea of what this practice is like.  Try it yourself.  Can you survive the “Seven Day Bikram Challenge”?




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