Got Chocolate Milk?

If you’re an athlete, or just someone who enjoys working out in the gym, this is for you. Studies have proven that drinking chocolate milk after a vigorous workout can help replenish exhausted muscles and significantly aid in exercise recovery.

After you workout what is your favorite choice of sports drink? Gatorade, Powerade, All Sport, or water? Let’s take a look at chocolate milk’s ingredient list and compare it to plain milk, water, and most of the other sports drinks on the market. Chocolate milk has double the carbohydrate and protein content (which is perfect for replenishing tired muscles). It’s high water content replaces fluids lost as sweat, preventing dehydration. Chocolate milk also packs a nutritional bonus of calcium and has just a little sodium and sugar (which are additives that help recovering athletes retain water and regain energy). Plain water after your workout replaces lost sweat, and that’s it. Chocolate milk provides carbohydrate replenishment to your muscles, which is something they can metabolize. Athletes need high levels of calories, carbohydrates and protein to sustain optimal levels of performance. Chocolate milk gives you just that.

Besides what you use to replenish your body after a workout, when you do it is just as important. It’s recommended to eat or drink something within 20 minutes after completing a workout. At that point muscle glycogen (energy) stores are at their lowest, and the muscle fibers have been depleted,they are ready to suck something up to replenish them.

This study was published in the International Journal of Sports Nutrition and Exercise Metabolism.

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