How much do you stretch?

Proper Stretching Techniques


Are you stretching before AND after you participate in a physical activity? Most people neglect to stretch afterwords because they are too exhausted to do anything else. Or are you one who rushes through stretching to get it over with?


The main reason we stretch is to improve our flexibility. Flexibility is  range of motion available to our joints.  Why is flexibly important? It reduces the chance of you getting injured when you participate in your physical activity. It also improves your posture by strengthening the muscles around the joints. Increasing the blood flow and nutrient supply to the muscles and cartilage reduces soreness after training.

Stretching Correctly-

  • Stretching should not be done as a warm up. At least 3-5 minutes of cardiovascular activity is recommended to warm up muscles sufficiently.
  • Each major muscle group should be stretched slowly and with control.
  • Hold each stretch for 2-3 sets of 20-60 seconds each.
  • Hold the stretch and the point of mild tension or tightness, not the point of pain.
  • It is important to stretch in this manor before and after performing any training or physical activity.

When Not to Stretch-

  • When sharp pains are felt in the joints or muscles
  • When joints or muscles are inflamed or infected
  • After a recent fracture
  • Following muscle strains or ligament sprains



*Always drink plenty of water, or chocolate milk 😉 during and after all training and physical activities*

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