Low back pain? Try these yoga poses!

 Yoga Poses to Relieve Low Back Pain

A lot of people in America tend to complain the most about lower back pain. Lower back pain can be caused by sitting at the office in front of a computer screen for hours, not enough physical activity, or maybe even just an anterior pelvic tilt. This pain can spread up the back or even down the legs causing more discomfort to the body. Yoga is known to help stretch out any areas that may be tight, aching, or even just used to relax the muscles. Here are a few poses that are designed to target pain in the lower back and can even be done in the comfort of your own home!



Cat and Cow

How to:

  • You will start this pose on your hands and knees.
  • On your first inhale you will lift your chest and tailbone towards the ceiling. This is the cow part of the pose.
  • When you are ready to exhale you will press through your shoulder blades as if you were pushing the floor away from you. Your back will arch up to the sky and you will then drop your head. This is the cat part of this pose.
  • After your first round of cat and cow, you will continue to do these steps with the rhythm of your breath.
  • Continue for 5-8 rounds.


  • It is recommended to use a yoga mat or even pillows under the hands and knees to avoid any pain the ground may cause.
  • Shoulders should stay over your wrists and your hips will be in line with your knees.

Other benefits:

  • Relieve menstrual cramps.
  • Relieve sciatica pain.
  • Increases flexibility of the neck, shoulders, and spine.


Supine Twist


How to:

  • Start by laying on your back with your arms stretch in a T-shape and legs straight out in-front of you.
  • As you inhale, you will lift your left leg up to your chest so that it makes a 90 degree angle
  • When you exhale, slowly bring the bent, left leg over to the right side of your body.
  • Let the head fall to left side of your body.
  • Hold this pose for 1-4 minutes as you take controlled, deep breaths
  • When you are ready, bring your left leg back in front of you and repeat the steps with your right leg.


  • Try to keep both of your shoulders on the ground when you are in the supine twist.
  • When you are bringing your leg over your body, try to keep them in line with your hips.

Other benefits:

  • Opens tight shoulders.
  • Improves digestion.
  • Elongates the supporting spinal muscles.



Ragdoll Pose



How to:

  • Stand with your feet hip distance apart.
  • Cross your arms together so your hands are grabbing onto the elbow of the other arm.
  • Take a deep inhale and as you exhale slowly stretch down as if you were trying to touch your toes.
  • Let the upper body hang over your legs.
  • Let your head fall once you are in a comfortable folded position.
  • Hold this pose for 1-2 minutes taking slow breaths.
  • When you are ready to come out of this position, take a deep inhale and lift yourself up one vertebra at a time.


  • Keep your knees slightly bent to ensure stability.
  • Gravity is what stretches your back, so you do not have to force yourself. Try to stay loose in your neck and shoulders.
  • For extra lower back tension release, slowly sway side-to-side while folded over.


Other known benefits:

  • Lengthens the spine.
  • Drains sinuses.
  • Improves digestion.
  • Stretches hamstring muscles.


Always consult your physician and research a properly trained teacher before you start a yoga practice.