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Relax and Recharge in a Float Tank…

What is float therapy? Floating, also known as sensory deprivation is a form of relaxation therapy. The tank is filled with 11″ of water heated to 94°, and 1,200+ pounds of Epsom salt. Your body floats effortlessly on top of the water… Floating helps relieve pain and inflammation in the body, relaxes the mind, and helps stimulate creativity.


This style of float tank is completely open!


Floating is Scientifically Proven to Help with Anxiety and Stress

Dr. Justin Feinstein from Laureate Institute for Brain Research sharing his study at the International Float Conference

A 2018 study showed that a one-hour session in a sensory deprivation tank significantly reduced anxiety and improved mood in the 50 participants with stress- and anxiety-related disorders.


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