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EXCITING NEWS! We are running a social media contest and giving away 3 FREE 60 minute massages!!

Terms & Conditions of IMR Massage “Find The Knotty Girl In Our Mural” contest below:

*No purchase necessary.
* This contest is open to all residents of Southern Nevada
* The Contest period runs from Jan. 15, 2020, to Jan. 31 2020, 11:59 p.m.
* 3 winner(s) will be chosen at random and announced on Feb. 1, 2020

* To enter and be eligible to win, they must:
Like our IMR Massage Page, this post and tag two friends.
DM us clear a snapshot of the location of the knotty girl within the mural
* Winner(s) will be notified via Facebook on Feb. 1, 2020. If a response is not received within three (3) days, the chosen winner(s) will be forfeited and a new winner(s) will be selected.
* Up to XX persons will win a 60 minute massage. Therapist tip NOT INCLUDED.
* Winners must be 18 or over and a resident of Las Vegas or Henderson.
* No prize substitutions. Prize can be used as a gift.


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2019 Black Friday Special!!!




Purchase 2 sessions for any length of service and receive a 3rd session of equal time for free.

(up to a $160 value)

Keep all 3 sessions for yourself or give the gift of relaxation this gift-giving season.

30 min Black Friday Special……………………$80.00 ($40 value)

60 min Black Friday Special………………….$160.00 ($80 value)

90 min Black Friday Special………………..$240.00 ($120 value)

120 min Black Friday Special………………..$320.00 ($160 value)


Give us a call at (702) 482-8585 or stop on by our location at 8872 S. Eastern Ave Suite 103.

Our awesome receptionist would be happy to help.

Offer valid at regular menu price. VIP discounts cannot be included with this offer.


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Managing Torticollis with Massage Therapy


Torticollis is often referred to as a wry neck or twisted neck. Torticollis is characterized by involuntary muscle spasms or contractions that lead a person to carry their neck in an abnormal position. Symptoms of torticollis are neck pain, stiff neck, shoulder pain and headaches. Some babies are born with torticollis, but most often, torticollis is caused by nerve or muscle damage from whiplash or a similar injury. Torticollis can affect both children and adults. There are several treatments that can be used for muscular torticollis, but massage therapy is one of the most effective treatments for pain relief. The massage therapist will use a variety of modalities to treat torticollis including heat, massage, traction and stretching to relieve the pain. The massage therapist will slowly begin gentle stretching of the neck and then work into a gentle kneading massage. As the soft tissue in the neck becomes relaxed, the therapist will begin a more deep kneading massage. Once the neck is fully relaxed, the therapist will try to move the neck in all directions using passive movement. They will begin to stretch and hold the neck in various positions to lengthen the neck muscles. With the muscles lengthened and relaxed, the therapist will find any tender trigger points in the neck area. They will press and hold the trigger points until the muscles and soft tissue relax.The therapist will give also give ideas for treatments to do at home in between profession massage therapy sessions. These may include the application of alternating cold and hot packs to sore areas of the neck as well as at home stretching exercises.





How Massage Therapy Can Help Ease

Anxiety and Panic Disorder Symptoms

Massage therapy can help the body relax, which in turn can help one let go of anxious and fearful thoughts. Massage can relieve muscle pain and tension, improve circulation, and increase flexibility. As a relaxation technique, massage therapy can work to manage the fight-or-flight response, or stress reaction, that is typically overactive among people with anxiety disorders.


The fight-or-flight reaction is responsible for causing fearful thoughts and reactions that often far outweigh any actual threat in the environment. For example, people with agoraphobia often fear having a panic attack in a large crowd or confined areas where it would feel embarrassing or difficult to escape.


The fight-or-flight reaction typically leads to uncomfortable physical symptoms, such as shortness of breath, accelerated heart rate, excessive sweating, and chest pain. Massage therapy can have an opposing effect on the body by eliciting the relaxation response, reducing tension, lowering heart rate, and generally making a person feel calmer.


Anxiety and Depression

Massage for wellness can help those who suffer from mental health issues. For example, a study found that massage lowered the stress hormone cortisol in patients suffering from anxiety by 53 percent, according to the American Massage Therapy Association (AMTA). Research has also found the natural treatment increases serotonin and dopamine, which helps those experiencing depression.

Massage Las Vegas ease anxiety

How massage can help scoliosis:

For decades, bracing and spinal fusion have been the go-to treatments for scoliosis.

But as a growing body of research sheds new light on this complex condition, patients are increasingly turning their backs on these outdated practices—and seeking alternative therapies instead.

Massage, in particular, has gained attention for its ability to reduce the chronic back pain that’s sometimes associated with scoliosis. A skilled massage therapist “can use a combination of massage strokes, sustained pressure, positioning and stretches to help balance the muscles of the back and body” and temporarily alleviate scoliosis symptoms.

While it can’t fix the underlying cause of scoliosis, medical research has found that massage therapy can provide temporary relief from scoliosis pain and other symptoms. There are two primary types of massage that can help: cranial-sacral therapy and deep tissue massage.

  • Cranial-sacral therapy: By gently mobilizing restricted tissue around and within the spinal column, cranial-sacral therapy helps balance the spine and improve the patient’s ability to function.

  • Deep tissue massage: Deep tissue work, assisted stretching and neuromuscular therapy all help the spine relax by increasing blood flow and elongating tightened areas, which can help relieve muscular pain.

Appropriate application of cranial-sacral therapy and deep tissue massage can provide a respite for continuously over-stretched fascia and muscles, thus lessening the stress on a wrenched spinal column. Although not one of the treatment options for correcting this condition, massage therapy can help relieve some of the resulting back pain, shallow breathing, sciatica, headaches and insomnia brought on by this aberrant spinal structure.

While no single treatment can cure scoliosis, back massage plays a supportive role in reducing pain, improving functionality and enhancing the effectiveness of other therapies. With the right combination of treatments, patients can achieve significant long-term results



Float Center Now Open!

Located in Henderson, NV

Relax and Recharge in a Float Tank…

What is float therapy? Floating, also known as sensory deprivation is a form of relaxation therapy. The tank is filled with 11″ of water heated to 94°, and 1,200+ pounds of Epsom salt. Your body floats effortlessly on top of the water… Floating helps relieve pain and inflammation in the body, relaxes the mind, and helps stimulate creativity.


This style of float tank is completely open!


Floating is Scientifically Proven to Help with Anxiety and Stress

Dr. Justin Feinstein from Laureate Institute for Brain Research sharing his study at the International Float Conference

A 2018 study showed that a one-hour session in a sensory deprivation tank significantly reduced anxiety and improved mood in the 50 participants with stress- and anxiety-related disorders.


Come visit us in Henderson, NV

10870 S Eastern Ave Suite 103

Henderson, NV 89052

Float Therapy – Infrared Sauna 

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Deep Tissue – Sports Massage – Cupping Therapy 


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