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Chair Massage

Chair Massage Services

Having a chair massage is like taking a mini vacation in the middle of your day. Chair massages usually last 5-30 minutes. Chair massages are great for offices, conventions, bridal events, dinner parties, and sporting events. Even a quick 15 minute massage can erase shoulder and neck tension leaving you energized to finish your day.

IMR Massage, LLC offers a wide variety of chair massage services for any occasion.

  • Office Treat your employees to chair massages in the workplace. Research shows that a 10 minute chair massage can help stimulate the mind, increase creativity, and boost morale in the office.
  • Conventions Having chair massage at your next convention is a great way to bring in potential customers to your booth. Be the talk of the convention by offering complementary chair massages.
  • Dinner Parties Start your party off right by having chair massages at your next dinner party.
  • Sporting Events Massage therapy is beneficial before and after any sporting event.

Massage rates for chair massage vary depending on number of massage therapists needed and length of event. Please give us a call for more information. 702-482-8585