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Massage Membership

VIP Massage Membership

Our membership is intended to encourage clients to come in for massage on a regular basis.

If you have constant stress, a physically demanding job, or an active lifestyle, this membership is for YOU!

Maintain optimum health with regular massages!

Sign up today, and we’ll waive your $49 activation fee!


VIP Membership

Choose a Base Service Plan

60 minutes for $70

90 minutes for $100

120 minutes for $135

Upgrade Options

$20 for Cupping Therapy

$10 for Hot Stones

$10 for CBD

How Membership Transaction Works

The plan you choose will automatically be charged to your debit or credit card each month on the day you sign up. This works like an account credit payment. When you have a positive balance on your account, you may use that money to pay for your massage sessions. When you cancel your membership, the auto payments will stop. Any unused money on your account will remain for your use without expiration.

Money in your account is nonrefundable.

Cancellation policy applies to all members.


Effective January 1st, if you decide to cancel your membership, you will lose your waived introductory fee of $49, and will need to pay $49 to re-activate your  VIP membership.


Any cancellations of memberships will need to be submitted 30 days prior to your next billing date.

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