Sarah Shor | IMR Massage, LLC

Sarah Shor

Sarah specializes in deep tissue massage, injury rehab, Thai massage, neuromuscular therapy, and shiatsu.

My love of bodywork is firmly planted in both eastern and western massage modalities and techniques, assisting our body’s intrinsic healing process and aiding in the overall wellness of body and mind. Working with people to rehabilitate an injury or manage chronic pain is my happy place. My massage journey started 4 years ago and I have loved everything I have learned and continue to learn about massage therapy and its many benefits. Asking me to name my favorite massage modality is like asking me to name my favorite child, each technique has so much to offer. Nueromuscular therapy and Thai/shiatsu are probably the skills I utilize most often.

I love spending time with my awesome husband and son. I enjoy any type of nature adventure, but bodies of water tend to be my favorite. I also greatly enjoy anything that I can be extremely creative with including painting and cooking.